Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I have been obsessed with triangles lately...I bought some really nice oak shott cottons and was hoping to use them for some home decor.

I love the fact that you can make so many things with triangles, just rearrange them!

or keep them in their pure form

Next up will be a table runner in these fabrics....in the mean time I decided to take the shirt off Gord's back to create a pillow as a birthday present for an old Ramones' fan, WIP:

Saturday, March 07, 2015

50th Anniversary Quilt, one year late

It is only one year late, but it is finally done and laying down in its new home!  So anxious we were to take photos we threw the quilt over Django who was just sleeping peacefully before!

Try getting the cat to stay off a new quilt when you want to take photos! Impossible!

 better to just work around him...

The machine quilting was done by Cathy Shepherd of Eagles Wings Quilts. She quilted random tulips and a tulip in every basket, a nice touch!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Blogging vs Facebook/ Quilting vs Drawing....

So it has been awhile! I have not been blogging lately, mostly because I have not been quilting lately. After Forest City Comicon, I was drained of all my energy and creativity. Then winter, then Christmas, unorganized and messy sewing room, there was always an excuse to not quilt. So then I got hooked on drawing selfies, which exercised my creativity. I was reading Lynda Barry's Syllabus, Lynda Barry, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison instructs her students to create a 2 minute drawing of themselves every class as their mark for attendance. For some reason I am a sucker for challenges and I thought I should try that every day, draw a "selfie" and post it on my Facebook page. I have over 80 of them now. I am kind of addicted to them. Here are my quilting related ones

 I am still making these selfies, but have got back into sewing groove....

 You can see below I did a clean up of my sewing room

And finally finished the top for my parents' 50th anniversary quilt, I have sent it to Cathy to do the machine quilting

I have just finished piecing my Jacquie Gering workshop quilt, horizontal

or vertical:

right now I am trending on vertical....I will let it hang on the design wall for a little while to see what I like and play with some fabric for borders....but right now, I am thinking vertical wall hanging no borders.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

July to October, what have I been doing?

Well not quilting, that is for sure! July and August saw me redoing my back and side porches. The purple steps are what is left of the old Montessori school, from when I moved in...oh back in1998! I slowly removed the wraparound porch, a bit at a time, but never ever finished dismantling it completely until now!

So happy to see it go!
 Then there was a big CAT in my yard!

It was a disruptive and back breaking month.

Then I turned 50!

It was Wonder-ful!

Then on October 19th, my friends and I presented the first Forest City Comicon! The culmination of a year's work into one exhausting but amazing day of nerd culture!

That is us, the organizing committee, on stage at Centennial Hall before the vendors arrived at 5:30AM


Below is the same view about noon!

 Next, is a photo of myself and Mitch Markowitz, one of our guests, who was a writer and producer of the show the Hilarious House of Frightenstein. HHof F was a children's show in the 70's filmed out of Hamilton, ON and was a cult favourite, syndicated around the world and also featured Vincent Price.

For some more amazing photos check out Forest City Comicon on Facebook and here is an awesome video of the great cosplay and the amazing energy of that day!

So, my friends that is what consumed me for the last 3 months, I am looking forward to a bit of quilting time...and some fabric shopping as I have some great gift certificates from my birthday to spend at my favourite fabric shop!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Trend-Tex Challenge 2014 - Modern Ways

When I saw these fabrics I knew right away I wanted to make a mid-century modern album cover. My inspiration was Saul Bass, a mid -century graphic artist, who built the bridge from Modern Art to popular culture, his iconic images include movie posters such as Psycho and Vertigo, and logos such as AT&T and United Way. His title sequence for North by Northwest is the main influence for the title sequence of Mad Men.

My quilt is influenced mainly by the poster for the movie, The Man with the Golden Arm but with a touch of “Vertigo”.

Tilting the square gave it a Vertigo feel...

I called it Vertigo: A Tribute to Saul Bass

I used only the fabrics in the challenge for this entry...however I was not done yet. I used a lot of white but not much of the others. I needed to make another.... first I took an old t-shirt of mine

and basically pieced a liberated log cabin...

 This when I thought it needed more black....

and I still needed to add the print... in the challenge you are allowed to add up to 3 additional fabrics, the t-shirt and the black are my add-ons. 

I asked my friend Jill Buckley to machine quilt it for me and we entered it as Take Two. Two friends working on the 2nd creation.

They hung side by side at the CQA show at Brock University.

But wait there is more! still had fabric left over!

I call this one Come on, Get Happy! still not quilted but I am finally done with that fabric. I can move on now.