Sunday, April 13, 2014

Workshop with Jacquie Gering

This month our guild had Jacquie Gering from Tall Prairie Grass Studio as guest. What a speaker what an inspiration! As I was listening to her, even though we make different type quilts, we had similar experiences and inspirations along our quilting journeys. Above and below are two of her log cabin quilts, the colourful one was a tribute to Josef Albers and his book Interaction of Color. (see my Albers' post from 2013)

I was thrilled to participate in her workshop on  the Saturday. She taught her stitch and flip method. I was already familiar with this method having done something very similar at Gwen's workshops. It is amazing that 2 people can get the same ideas but coming from different places and taking them in different directions!

For the workshop I had a 5 inch charm pack for my scraps and then I selected 2 yards of solid orange to match. I then raided my own scraps for added variety.  I made 3.5 inch orange squares and cut my charm packs both ways on the diagonal. I zipped through my first batch of chain piecing and then it was onto the design wall. Then more chain piecing, then more on the design wall, more piecing, etc. I completed over 90 squares, and still need lots more!

The hardest part of this was the designing, putting the pieces together as Jacquie says it is not block piecing it is quilt piecing.

There is something wrong with this one....what is it? you can stare at it and not see was not until I got home and looked at the photos did I see the mistake....

ta da!

Still lots more to do! but I got my quilting mojo back! thanks Jacquie!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

My biggest fear - conquered!

Like most people, my biggest fear is public speaking, so when my guild asked me to do a trunk show, I emailed back and said sorry but no, appreciate the offer but....but, I hesitated before I hit send. why do I not want to do it? 1. fear 2. I make weird quilts.

2. I make weird quilts....that is not a good reason to not do it, but a great reason to do it. People might actually find the stories about my quilts interesting. I think I have a motivation that is different than a lot of people. Sharing that would be entertaining to other quilters, I would hope. Lots of quilters are quite happy to make their quilts from other people's patterns, but it is hard to move out of that box, perhaps if I show them how I did, maybe they could to.

1. So that leaves Fear...that they will laugh at me? no that was my fear in highschool, humiliation and inadequacy.....I actually do not have that fear anymore, then fear of what? It is the fear of not being able to get my point across, to articulate my position....but I have been blogging about quilting for 8 years now, and I think I have been able to get my stories about my quilts out there, now I just have to say them out loud and not just in my head! surely exposing myself to the world in cyberspace is much more scary than in front of your friends who all share the same passion.

So I deleted that email and said I would do it! They asked me in August last year, so March 2014 was so far off into the future anyway! Well March is here and my husband deserted me in my hour of need to go visit a friend in Texas, could he go any further away?! but that actually turned out to be a blessing. I had no distractions in getting all my quilts in order and an overview written up. I practiced out loud in front of the cats....rewrite! practice again....much better. I was ready but nervous.

The big day! I got my closest quilting friends to help me, 2 of them to hold up my quilts, Christine and Gail and then Jill in the audience to take photos for me. And you know what? it went fine! I did not read everything off my paper, but when I lost my place it was there to get me back on track. I did not say everything I wanted to say, but I think it was well received. So I am proud of myself for taking the chance and overcoming this fear!

here is a link to guild version of my trunk show

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wool Applique Workshop with Jill Buckley

On Saturday, I attended a guild workshop put on by my friend Jill Buckley. She is an amazing artist and teacher. We all had a great time as you can see by the smiling faces!

Sunday, January 05, 2014

2013 in Review

Hello 2014!

Well I tried to post more often and I think I did for the most part. I slacked off in the latter part of the year, but to be fair I was busy at work and I actually did not do a lot of sewing.

2013 in Review
I completed the Hawaiian Punch and City Harbour Quilts, large bed size quilts! and finished my t-shirt lap quilt in time to bring it to BIQR 2013. I collaborated with Christine and Gail to complete a lovely quilt for Gwen Marston. I participated in a block donation to Houston for astronaut Karen Nyberg's quilt....looking forward to seeing the results of that!

 I participated in a placemat challenge at guild this year. We were given a photo and using the colours from the photo we were to create a placemat. You can see the other entries here.

 I made 4 pillowcases as Christmas gifts and forgot to take photos :( as well as a couple for myself. :) again no photos.

Quilts started and progress report
North by Northwest, batted up but needs to be quilted
Oakshot reds (working title), top completed, needs to be batted up and quilted
9 Patch Mystery quilt, top completed, needs to be sent to machine quilter
Trendtex Challenge 2014, being quilted, cannot show photos as will be sent in to Quilt Canada 2014
Collaborative projects with my friend Jill, in progress, no photos
There goes the neighbourhood, batted up needs to be quilted

New Sewing Room
We turned my sewing room into the guest room and moved my sewing room to the room where we put all the junk! So I had a lot of downsizing and reorganizing to do. I made several trips to Goodwill to donate my extra stuff. I gave away and sold three dressers and replaced them with some new cupboards and shelves....still organizing but the new sewing room is becoming more comfortable.

2014 expectations and resolutions
Finish the above mentioned quilts, finish the sewing room, attend Quilt Canada 2014. I have been asked by my guild to do a trunk show in March. I am very nervous....lets hope it is not a complete disappointment for those attending!

Happy New Year to all and my your stashes be replenished and your projects completed!

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Another handpiecing project!

Last year at BIQR someone made this lovely top out of antique blocks she had collected. She had hoped she would use them all up, but nope, she had some leftover, which she generously gave to me!

they languished in my drawer for a year and I brought them out to bring to the retreat. I sorted them and decided I was only going to use the 6 large blocks. I then passed on the rest to friends.

I went for a simple pattern and decided I was going to hand piece them since all these blocks were originally hand pieced. In between other projects I worked on it.

I trimmed the blocks so that they were all 12.5inches square and pre cut my sashing from fatquarters and shirts and scraps 3.5 inches.

here are some photos of the underside:

here you can see more clearly how she pieced the square, surprisngly, using triangles blocks in the corners.

in these 2 photos you can see how when she ran out of fabric she just pieced in some more!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

BIQR 2013 week 4 - I am going to miss you!

I am going to miss.....White Birch Lodge,

Elk Lake,

the internet picnic table,

going out to Pearl's,

Gwen's trunk shows,

the room of inspiration, creativity, and sewing,

Gwen's demos,

Show and tell and the wonderful stories,

Pizza night in the wicker room,


New friends from across the continent,

but most of all, I am going to miss Gwen!

Thank you Gwen for 30 years of inspirational retreats!