Sunday, November 06, 2011

Brightest Day

Last year I promised a friend that I would make a comic book quilt for her daughter that was born last year....I had some liberated comic book logos (and here) I had made a few years ago and not made into a quilt, this would be a great excuse to finish it....well, no way could I think of how to put it all together. So I ended up making up an entirely different quilt then I intended.

I started with the green lantern block and then I made more in the same colours of the Green Lantern Brightest Day/Blackest Night Rings. I was almost tempted to make each of the different symbols, but decided that was too much for my brain to figure out!

Using up only scraps I foundation pieced the rainbow squares and eventually settled on this layout.

Quilting it was the next challenge and the hardest part of making this quilt! I struggled with the machine, I ripped out lots of stitches, and even broke a few needles. I discovered new meaning to quantitative easing!

But in the end I think it turned out all right. I hope Vivian has lots of fun with this quilt and it keeps her warm on cold nights.

As for my other superhero quilt....I've finally got some new ideas...maybe for next year.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Waiting for Jean-Marie

My employee Tom is going to have his first the next couple of days or week soon. He and his partner Sarah know it's going to be a girl and they are going to name her Jean-Marie. I finished this quilt for them and that is their cat Scamp waiting for Jean-Marie.

I hand pieced the scraps together over the last year or so. I needed a hand project to do in front of the I would hand sew my 5 inch scraps together in blocks of 5 or so and then I sewed them together in long strips. When Tom told me he was going to have a baby, I decided to use them for his baby's quilt. His favourite colour is purple, but I thought the orange was brighter and more cheerful, so I made the liberated stars in purple instead. I put the top together at the retreat and batted it up there,too. When I got home I machine quilted long horizontal wavy lines across the scraps and stippled the borders. It's got a nice thick flannel on the back for fuzzy warmth.