Thursday, May 28, 2009

Odds and ends or May confessions

What is it about May, so many of the blogs I follow have hit a stop in posting around the middle of May, even excuse is that I am so busy! I can hardly catch my breath. One project or event ends another begins! and of course Spring finally arrived and so much work to do in the garden...last year I let it slide and now my garden is in much need of TLC, also this year we've got to put in a new fence and gate, so quilting may get pushed to the back of the priority list! Also, I have been a bad blogger, I have been reading a few blogs regularly but rarely commenting...and what is the etiquette for responding to comments? I appreciate all the comments I get, but unless you ask a specific question I don't usually respond back. So to all those who enjoyed my Canada wallhanging, I say Thanks!

I was checking out Camp Follower Bag's blog and noticed that my 2 blocks I sent in for the Bushfire quilt relief project have been made into a quilt. Wow! What a job she has done organizing such a huge project and sewing all these lovely quilts! I am so proud to have had even a small part of it. My blocks are the middle ones in the top and bottom rows. What a lovely quilt! What a great job she and her volunteers have done! Kudos!

I have been handquilting my 9 Lives quilt a lot lately, so I expect I will get the whole thing done by the fall; I am trying not to rush, but enjoy the process. I am using bamboo batting, left over from Andrew's Scrappy Bargello quilt, and I must say I am not too happy how linty it is and how the white batting is popping up through the dark is too late to take out all I've done so far, so I am hoping a lint brush will help to get those stray pufts...

I have the book Art Quilt Workbook, and every once in a while I dabble in some of the projects they suggest. I am not committed to doing them on a schedule, but whenever I feel I need some new stimulation. I am currently dabbling in 2 of them. One is taking a photo, drawing it and then recreating it with fabric. In the book they used a I used Alfred Hitchcock.

The colours are a little odd, and I have no idea where I am going to go with this...but's just fabric doodling.

The other project I am working on is the one where you put somewords in a box and randomly pick one and randomly pick a colour palette and create something out of it...well, I didn't really like the words they suggested and I thought, it's not too challenging to work with my words, so I asked my husband to write on slips of paper:

5x song titles, 5x verbs, 5x animals, 5x emotions, 5x comic related, 5x adjectives, 5x music related words.

Then I created a list of colours and themes, such as plaids, or primatives, or pastels, happy, sad, etc. I chose 2 slips from his box and one from my box. So right now I am doodling "I am a tree", rhythm, and wacky. I am giving myself a couple of weeks of doodling and then a couple of weeks of creating and they will be no bigger than 8.5x11. I'd like to do one per month, but....I don't know...

I have been watching a new TV show that is probably not that well known. It is Canadian, it is called Rabbit Fall. It is about a lady cop who moves to Rabbit Fall, Saskatchewan from Toronto and the strange characters and aboriginal mysticism she experiences. It is a little Twin Peak-ish. I really like it, it is only a half hour show, and each episode has a crime to solve, but everything is not wrapped up in a tidy "murder she wrote" little bow at the end. The acting is realistic without being "too Canadian" and the directing is awesome! I like it because it is not predictable and cliche....and you know what this cop dresses like and looks like a lady cop, not some hollywood starlet pretending to be a cop. (on the other hand, my other favourite show right now is Burn Notice, which is just the complete opposite of Rabbit Fall!)

Friday, May 15, 2009

O Canada Guild Challenge

Thursday was our reveal for our Guild Challenge. The theme was O Canada, what Canada means to me... and the other stipulation was that it had to have a maple leaf on it.
I doodled many a complicated drawing and then in the end, I thought what do I want out of this challenge...just something to hang up on Canada Day. So it's really just my scrappy version of the canada flag, not too much in the deep meaning, but it is all my design. I designed my own paper-pieced maple leaf and randomly pieced the red and white strips and using the lazy gal letters technique I spelled out Canada.
It looks really great at my house.... away from the competition of the guild! There were some really great entries, so great I didn't even vote for myself! You can view the rest of the guild challenge entries here.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Round Robin thanks!

Thanks for all the kind words about our round robin. If you click here you can see all the past posts about the round robin, since, gasp, January 2008!

And for those that are curious, I get to keep the one with the "poppies" in the middle and Christine gets to keep the one with "Daisy on a stick".

For those attempting round robins, I recommend the Collaborative Quilting books by Marston and Moran! The "parts department" is a wonderful resource/idea!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Round Robin reaching the finishing line!

Two Christmases ago my friend Christine and I exchanged these blocks for a round robin...

....well, life gets in the way and things slowed down with our round robin, but Christine surprised me by giving me this:

...and I am going to pass this one on to her.....

I think we are getting close to the end!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Grand National at the Joseph Schneider Haus

My friend The Quilt Rat and I sent quilted postcards to the Grand National this year. They selected the "Terrific Twelve" postcards to print into a postcard book. The Quilt Rat had both her entries chosen for the book!!! She is so talented!You can read about her entries on her blog. Mine, although not chosen, was displayed in the Joseph Schneider Haus along with all the other submissions. I have not been to see them yet, but Quilt Rat sent me this photo showing my postcard (it is the 4th from the left) hanging on the wall...way cool!