Saturday, May 09, 2009

Grand National at the Joseph Schneider Haus

My friend The Quilt Rat and I sent quilted postcards to the Grand National this year. They selected the "Terrific Twelve" postcards to print into a postcard book. The Quilt Rat had both her entries chosen for the book!!! She is so talented!You can read about her entries on her blog. Mine, although not chosen, was displayed in the Joseph Schneider Haus along with all the other submissions. I have not been to see them yet, but Quilt Rat sent me this photo showing my postcard (it is the 4th from the left) hanging on the wall...way cool!


pwl said...

Your work is so pretty, and that is so cool having your card displayed!

spencerg2001 said...

Wow! That is gorgeous! I love quilts. Love the Joseph Schneider Haus too. I just discovered this place. They're really innovative when it comes to combining creative work and history.