Sunday, April 13, 2014

Workshop with Jacquie Gering

This month our guild had Jacquie Gering from Tall Prairie Grass Studio as guest. What a speaker what an inspiration! As I was listening to her, even though we make different type quilts, we had similar experiences and inspirations along our quilting journeys. Above and below are two of her log cabin quilts, the colourful one was a tribute to Josef Albers and his book Interaction of Color. (see my Albers' post from 2013)

I was thrilled to participate in her workshop on  the Saturday. She taught her stitch and flip method. I was already familiar with this method having done something very similar at Gwen's workshops. It is amazing that 2 people can get the same ideas but coming from different places and taking them in different directions!

For the workshop I had a 5 inch charm pack for my scraps and then I selected 2 yards of solid orange to match. I then raided my own scraps for added variety.  I made 3.5 inch orange squares and cut my charm packs both ways on the diagonal. I zipped through my first batch of chain piecing and then it was onto the design wall. Then more chain piecing, then more on the design wall, more piecing, etc. I completed over 90 squares, and still need lots more!

The hardest part of this was the designing, putting the pieces together as Jacquie says it is not block piecing it is quilt piecing.

There is something wrong with this one....what is it? you can stare at it and not see was not until I got home and looked at the photos did I see the mistake....

ta da!

Still lots more to do! but I got my quilting mojo back! thanks Jacquie!