Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Quilted Bird

I received this lovely, hand-painted bird from a friend and blogger! It's a metal napkin holder, but she has painted quilt blocks on it. It's gorgeous and sits in my window! Thanks friend!

I've done a bad thing! I've joined Facebook! I said I wouldn't do it but I did! Egads another computer time-consuming activity! It's mostly work related, but I have some quilting friends on there (you know who you are!) and joined the Liberated Quilters Facebook page...will I ever have time to quilt, or just talk about it!!?? and what about gardening?...I can't help it I started another blog (that makes 5)! I guess I like to compartmentalize....this one will follow my struggles with vegetable gardening, you can visit that blog here.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

No quilting last weekend. A new community garden has been started in a park near where we live, and we decided to rent a plot to try some vegetable gardening. Where we live, we have barely any property, let alone enough sunlight for veggie gardening. It is brand new and has no fence or rainbarrels yet, but I have been told we will get them.

Here's our plot (below), the southwest corner. More space than I need, I think! I will probably share the rest with the neighbour!

On Sunday my dad helped me rough in 2, 4'x4' square plots. I got this book out of the library about square foot gardening, it made vegetable gardening sound easy and not overwhelming, so why not give it a go? The hardest part was building this trellis for our vine climbing veggies.

Got some good rain the last 2 days, didn't have to go down to water, but I did check to make sure my garden didn't wash away! There are lots of people who have kids running around there, my mom thought we might trap some children in our trellis contraption. Ha, I checked, we didn't catch a single one!...and it is still standing!