Thursday, May 08, 2014

50th Anniversary quilt

I wanted to make a quilt for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary, but it was really tough trying to figure out what to do, until I spotted this fabric at Hyggeligt. This fabric has the accent colours of my parents' bedroom, I thought "perfect!" but it had to pass the mom test first so I showed it to her and she approved :). But what to do with mom loves whites and neutrals and does not do wonky or liberated... total opposite of me :P I came up with a general design with baskets and showed it to her.

She made suggestions, she was very specific: 5 baskets in a diamond shape and the rest off-white.

I thought it was a little plain but with the right machine quilting it could be amazing! Unfortunately I could not get it done in time for their anniversary as I ran out of the off white fabric and so did the store so I had to wait for a I gave this postcard as a substitute gift along with some nice brandy...

meanwhile the fabric finally came in and I finished the top, yay! I added on a little border.

but now my mom says it's too plain! it needs some applique in the corners.....d'oh! maybe I will get this done before their 51st anniversary! lol!