Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Should I stop or should I go?

Finished adding the last 2 rows...I don't want to put anymore hour glass blocks on... but am debating whether I should add some more borders, perhaps some vine applique. However, right now, the size is perfect for a wallhanging, it measures 38.5x34.5 inches. This wallhanging was started at Gwen Marston's Beaver Island Quilt Retreat. Gwen asked me to remind those bloggers out there that have gone to her retreats in the past to send any photos you may have of Floor Scrap Quilts you may have completed to floorscrapquilts @ (if you cut and paste this email address, remove the spaces), with your name, year completed or retreat attended and a brief description.

This is the fabric for a baby quilt, that I will be making for a cousin of mine, that is having a baby in the spring.

We visite our friends in Michigan last weekend. We usually take the train to Windsor and then they pick us up and take us across the border. Our passports are expiring soon, and customs gave us a little more grilling then usual. He asked us what we did in London, we told him we own a comic book store, he wanted to know what is the most expensive comic we had in the store! We laughed! We did check out a couple of comic book stores while we were there, though. We always take graphic novels on the train with us to read. I read Wolverine by Claremont and Miller, It's a Good Life If You Don't Weaken and Clyde Fans by Seth,
and Blankets by Craig Thompson, and just so you know, hinted by the title, a quilt figures prominently in the book....I might have to start a list of Graphic Novels that have quilts or quilting in it....a very niche market! Ha! Blankets was very good, I quite enjoyed it, very personal story of coming of age and his struggle with coming to terms with his faith. And speaking of Faith, while we were in Michigan we went to see the movie Creation about Darwin's struggle with faith when writing the Origin of the Species. I liked the movie, although it dragged in places, and it claims it is "The True Story of Charles Darwin", not so sure about that... And to complete this unintentional study of Faith I had this weekend, I also read the book A God Who Hates by Wafa Sultan...So as not to offend the quilting bloggers out there, I will keep my views on Faith to myself, but just say, it was a weekend of interesting discussions!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

2 more rows!

I've added 2 more rows, this time along the bottom....Next the top....then, should I stop or add more applique?...hmmm...
I've also joined Lazy Gal's Liberated Amish Quilt Group. You can check out my first post here. What am I thinking? When do I have time for all this?