Sunday, April 12, 2009

Birds and Canal Houses

My neighbour left a bag of scraps in my mailbox, there were some weird bits of fabric in there, fabric I wouldn't normally use, some terry cloth, faux suede, bits of jeans, etc...there was also this square of randomly pieced red and white fabric. It was uneven and the seams were thick and varied in width, top-stitched in places... I thought hmmph...I found out later that she and her daughter made gift bags for a party out these pieces and this was left over...anyway, they went away for easter and I am taking care of their cat, so I am giving this piece back to them, altered my way...!

Spring Grackle!
I am obsessed with birds lately! I guess it is spring!
Anyway, I'll leave it on their table, for when they come home and they can do with it what they will, maybe they'll hang it on their wall or turn it into a pillow, or whatever...It's their turn in this make shift round robin!

I've got this great Eyewitness Travel Guide to Amsterdam, and inside they have this pull out section of the houses along each of the canals. I've always wanted to make some pieced canal houses. Most pieced houses are a door, window, roof and chimney, but these canal houses are so interesting.

It shows details of the different types of gables of these houses.

So I drew some of my favourites. Trying to keep it simple, and using scraps I attempted my first house (below, based on sketch on left)

I think my windows are too square and the pink is a little lost, but I am just trying to build not be perfect on my first attempt. My second attempt is the warehouse style house, it has those great big shutters.

Much better, I think the windows are better proportioned and the colours are a better contrast, I like my pink shutters.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Goodbye Winter!

There are 5 cardinals in this photo, can you spot them all?
My parents sent this photo taken in their backyard. They attract a lot of birds with their birdfeeders, but usually the cardinals visit singly or in pairs, but what a treat to see 5 at a time! This is an older photo, the snow has melted in London, Ontario!
This photo, below...just because, who can resist those yellow characters with their googly eyes.

Sorry, no quilting here today, have been working on Secret projects...finished my Guild Challenge quilt! Woo Hoo!