Saturday, November 02, 2013

Another handpiecing project!

Last year at BIQR someone made this lovely top out of antique blocks she had collected. She had hoped she would use them all up, but nope, she had some leftover, which she generously gave to me!

they languished in my drawer for a year and I brought them out to bring to the retreat. I sorted them and decided I was only going to use the 6 large blocks. I then passed on the rest to friends.

I went for a simple pattern and decided I was going to hand piece them since all these blocks were originally hand pieced. In between other projects I worked on it.

I trimmed the blocks so that they were all 12.5inches square and pre cut my sashing from fatquarters and shirts and scraps 3.5 inches.

here are some photos of the underside:

here you can see more clearly how she pieced the square, surprisngly, using triangles blocks in the corners.

in these 2 photos you can see how when she ran out of fabric she just pieced in some more!