Saturday, July 02, 2011

Happy day after Canada Day!

Woo hoo! Long weekend! Gorgeous summer day on July 1st, Canada Day! Had a bit of a party to watch the fireworks which are launched from the park at the end of our street. Great fun!

Although, I don't understand people who bring their dogs. A young couple bring their huge Rottweiler and can barely hold onto the dog, it is so strong...The dog is excited the fireworks are going off, lots of people and other people with dogs, a German Shepherd in particular...the Rottweiler wants to go sniff the other dog, the guy has to practically sit on the dog to keep it in place then decided to hand off the dog to his thin little girlfriend, who of course doesn't have the strength to hold the dog in place and it goes running to the German Shepherd. She drags it back and has to sit on the dog to keep it in place...there are hundreds of people there the potential for disaster is great and they can't even control their dog. Neither dog is muzzled even though it is the law in Ontario. who is going to break up the fight if the dogs decide to get hostile, what if someone inteferes and gets bit, will they be happy if their dog gets put down...I ask you why bring it at all???

Have been doing some quilting lately...I have finished the top to Brightest Day, it now needs to be quilted. Can only show you a teaser as it is a gift.

I have 2 more baby quilts to design and make....and have been trying to handquilt every day. I was going to do some every evening but in the summer I can never find the time, so I decided a half hour or hour each morning is better. I am now making some progress. yay! I have a deadline on that one of September.