Monday, February 16, 2009

chickens go bok, bok!

I got a chicken in the mail! Sewnut sent me this PIF and I was quite thrilled as it arrived at work and I was not expecting it all! Thanks Sewnut! So now I have to send some handmade gifts to 3 others.

I've decided to send a block to this flickr group who are making Bushfire quilts for the victims of the fires in Australia. The guidelines and the address to send the blocks is here.

I am sending the pattern of my Cathedral Window pillow to someone in the guild, and I will make some fabric postcards to mail out.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Apollo 14 February 5, 1971

My dad recently came across an old school project of mine from 1971. It was a book about the Apollo 14 mission to the moon. The teacher gave us pre-printed pages with the story of Apollo 14's trip to the moon, and we were to draw the pictures and then it gets stapled together as a book. What a hoot! My moon likes like a chocolate chip cookie!

In those days we were excited about the trips to the moon and the teacher would wheel in this TV on tall legs and we would watch it live on TV at school. It was a big many people actually believe it never happened, that it was a hoax. How sad. One of my favourite movies is Apollo 13, I don't remember that mission in particular, but it is amazing that they made it home alive! One part in the movie that stayed with me was how the astronauts were all excited to say hello to all the people on Earth, but they didn't know that it wasn't going to be broadcast because the networks believed people were already finding the space missions too boring. We still don't appreciate the risks that they took and choose to believe it was a hoax. Astronauts were heroes back then and they still are in my book! Can you imagine being one of the few people to actually set foot on the moon or hit a golf ball on the moon!

Anyway, if you would like to see all of my school project from 1971, I created this little slideshow movie in Picasa (2 and a half minutes). The music is "Hey, Hey Spaceman" by Guided by Voices. I think it captures the kids' point of view.

You know, I was going to pick Rocket Man by Elton John for the music, but someone else has made a wonderful video of the missions to the moon using that song, which you can watch here. (4 minutes)

Which brings me to this challenge: My husband and I are creating a CD with "space" music. Help me make a playlist of songs I should put on this CD and leave your suggestions in the comments.

I have been so inspired by my school project I made this block to add to my Secret project: