Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cat Approved!

Yay! I have most of the top pieced, but am running out of white for the outside sashing. My bed is not big enough, I need to check out my dimensions on the king-size bed it will be laying on, I think, before I add the last bit of sashing.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Progress Report

I would post some photos, but the the "insert image" task will not let me upload from my computer, only from my blog, picasa web, my phone, a webcam, and a URL, the browse button is gone....if this continues, then I am finished with blogging, if I can't post photos from my computer what good is it?

Update: I switched to the Firefox browser and the browse function came back and photos added! yay!

Hawaiian Punch progress report:

I have finished my 16 blocks! Yay! I have sewn them into 4 large strips...


now my question is do I buy white fabric in the length I need for sashing or should I piece them into the length I need?