Sunday, August 12, 2012

I am on page 67!

That's my quilt on page 67 of Gwen Marston's latest book Liberated Medallion Quilts! I am so excited! I just finally got a copy of the book myself. I highly recommend this book and I am not biased in any way! You can get your copy direct from Gwen at or find it elsewhere on the internet.

The other exciting thing about this book is that the publisher AQS is holding a Gwen Marston Exhibit at their next 2 quilt shows in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Des Moines, Iowa, and my quilt as well as some other student quilts will be in the show as well!  My friend Christine (her quilt is on page 92) and I will be taking a road trip to Grand Rapids to check out this exhibit! I can't wait!

I am afraid I have not got any other quilting to show in this post, it has been a record hot summer and therefore too hot to sew in my un-airconditioned sewing room, it is also where my computer is and that is why there has been no blogging. The weather has finally broken and I can get down to business! The sunshine has been great for my sunflowers bringing me many gold finches as visitors. My honeysuckle vine has had many flowers this year and has brought daily visits of a hummingbird!