Thursday, March 26, 2009

Garden Visitors

I had a really nice tea towel called Garden Visitors, but it was too nice to actually use, so I cut out the nice pictures of birds and made postcards out of them. Does that make sense? I experimented with embellishing it with my version of thread painting,...well, more like trying to colour within the lines...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beam Me Up, Scotty!

Sorry I haven't blogged lately! I have been busy, of course. We took a weekend off to visit our friends in Michigan. It was a great visit and it was completely geeky! We visited the Star Trek Exhibit at the Detroit Science Center. You can get your photo taken on the bridge of the Enterprise or on the transporter pad! It was fun. They had props and costumes from the various shows and movies. The hallways look like the interior halls of the Next Gen Enterprise. It was cool but you were absolutely not allowed to take photos and you could buy the photos of your group on the bridge or transporter. A nice souvenier albeit a bit expensive.
We also visited the Flint Institute for the Arts to see an exhibit of original comic book art. That was quite nice too! It's a nice little art Gallery, we even took some time to look at their other art collections. I took photos there, without the flash, so they are a bit grainy. I probably was not allowed to but no one saw me...I don't really get why you are not to take photos...a trip fades away so quickly for me without the photo memories.
It is year end time, tax time, and event time at the store. So I have been wiped out with the work load. We are getting ready for the following events Worldwide D&D Day and Free Comic Book Day. Besides my duties maintaining the blog for the guild, I am now on a committee to submit a proposal for our guild to host a CQA event in our city for 2011. (What was I thinking!? I am thrilled but a little overwhelmed by the work that will be involved and a lot of energy and my time will be invested until 2011!)
As for quilting projects, I have been handquilting my 9Lives slowly. I have been working on my O Canada Guild Challenge (can't show you that until May), and I made these postcards. The Dutch fabric cathedral windows one was an anniversary card for my parents and the other was for the guild exchange.

Oh yeah and here are some gratuitous cat photos! Suske loves fresh laundry out of the dryer! I often throw the pile of warm laundry on the couch to fold it, and Suske will jump up and start kneading and purring and sticking her nose into the laundry. Then curl up and sleep in it.