Saturday, October 25, 2014

July to October, what have I been doing?

Well not quilting, that is for sure! July and August saw me redoing my back and side porches. The purple steps are what is left of the old Montessori school, from when I moved in...oh back in1998! I slowly removed the wraparound porch, a bit at a time, but never ever finished dismantling it completely until now!

So happy to see it go!
 Then there was a big CAT in my yard!

It was a disruptive and back breaking month.

Then I turned 50!

It was Wonder-ful!

Then on October 19th, my friends and I presented the first Forest City Comicon! The culmination of a year's work into one exhausting but amazing day of nerd culture!

That is us, the organizing committee, on stage at Centennial Hall before the vendors arrived at 5:30AM


Below is the same view about noon!

 Next, is a photo of myself and Mitch Markowitz, one of our guests, who was a writer and producer of the show the Hilarious House of Frightenstein. HHof F was a children's show in the 70's filmed out of Hamilton, ON and was a cult favourite, syndicated around the world and also featured Vincent Price.

For some more amazing photos check out Forest City Comicon on Facebook and here is an awesome video of the great cosplay and the amazing energy of that day!

So, my friends that is what consumed me for the last 3 months, I am looking forward to a bit of quilting time...and some fabric shopping as I have some great gift certificates from my birthday to spend at my favourite fabric shop!