Sunday, November 04, 2012

Thank you Gwen!


 Life got in the way and I did not get a chance to finish my BIQR posts.  There are so much inspiration at these retreats, I am sorry if I am unable to share all the stories. However the most important inspiration story is the one of Gwen Marston!

 I first learned about Liberated Quiltmaking through Tonya's (aka Lazy Gal) blog. I found the book at my local library and took it out and I was hooked! This book said Here are the basics for quilt making, now go out and make your own quilts, follow your instincts, your quilt does not have to look like everyone else's! It is fun to design and create your own quilts and it is not hard!

I found out Gwen had retreats in Michigan and Michigan is next door to Ontario, that is do-able! Alas her retreats were full all the time! but then for her 25th anniversary she added a fifth week and Christine and I were in! and we have been each year since!

Meeting her in person was amazing! She is so friendly and welcoming. Newbies do not get left behind! Her retreat is relaxing, her style is spontaneous and liberated! She is my muse and I am so lucky to know her. She does not stop, each year for the past 5 years she has put out a book on quilting and she is happy to include her students' work as well. I am honoured she chose one of mine to be in a book and then in 2 major quilt shows. She taught me to trust in myself.  If I had to choose who was the biggest inspiration in my life it would have to be Gwen!

Next year, her 30th year, is the last year for BIQR with Gwen. She is passing the reins to Pat Holly and her sister Sue, who have been loyal retreaters for years. I believe we will get to meet them next year at the final Gwen retreat. So last chance quilters! If you would like to experience a Gwen retreat, sign up now, and put yourself on the waiting list if you have to.