Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hah! You guys are funny! I didn't expect so much agreement to my genius comment! Anyway here is the latest progress on my 'robyn' project. I've been busy the last 2 weekends; first we were away in Michigan visiting friends. I managed to work on my piece on the train ride to Windsor and finished up the dome border and vines and added a few berries. Still left to do are to add a few more leaves. While in Michigan, we visited Ann Arbor, a business expo, a few comic book stores, a few used book stores, and a Jo Ann's for some cheap fabric and some quilting tools...a little bit cheaper in the US than Canada. I will show photos on my next post of my latest quilt treasures, when I download them.

Saturday, we had our guild's roadtrip to the Kitchener/Waterloo Art Gallery or kw/ag for the Grand National Quilt Show and the Waterloo County International Quilt Festival. This is the mecca of quilting in Ontario as it is also Mennonite country.

Below is Ethlyndryal the Protector by Rice 2007 from the Grand National. This year's theme is Fantasy.This was an amazing 3D piece, mixed media with metal, stones and more. We were not supposed to take any photos, so I don't have many photos to show.

After visiting the kw/ag, we travelled on to the quilt festival located at Rim Park. I have more photos that I will post later, after I try and find most of the names of the quilts. I should have written them down, there didn't seem to be a program of the entries, or I missed it somehow. Here was one of the more popular pieces 'Zodiac' by Martha Brown:


atet said...

What lovely quilts from the show!

Your Robyn Randolph piece is coming along a treat!

sewnut said...

The Zodiac was on the cover of CQS a while ago, I am sorry I missed it. Lucky lady!
I love the whole May K/W Quilt Festival thing but was unable to go this year.

Marjon said...

lovely quilts, but can't wait to see your Echt Hollands quilt!