Friday, July 06, 2007

Cat and Mouse

It's done! Cat and Mouse! It measures 14x15.5 inches. I'm happy with how it turned out, although I am sure I broke a few quilting rules. I chose fused applique, because it was a small piece and I thought I could get better detail, but my little stars were beginning to fray and even some of the branches. I am not sure if it is because of the type of bond I used (Steam-a-Seam2 lite) or if my scissors were too dull....any thoughts? I am not too worried, because it is a wallhanging, it won't get any real wear and tear. I handquilted around the tree with a single embroidery thread. I really like the look of larger stitches with embroidery threads, but handquilting around fused applique does really wear at the fused pieces. so I quilted through only the top layer and the batting. When I did add the backing I hand quilted four straight lines (with 2 threads) in the ditch. I also hand quilted the words...I should have embroidered them first instead, but hey live and learn.

Below is a side by side photo, with the source of inspiration: Spectre #17 cover by Dave Johnson. I used only fabric from my stash, and didn't have any of the lighter green, so I chose instead the fabric with the vines, it does have the green in it. It reminded me of roots, which reflected the whole tendril/tentacle thing going on.

I like how this piece did not take a lot of time and yet it gave me so much satisfaction. I am in the mood for getting things done. I also finished the kids' quilt for the guild, that I took home in March. Next on the list is binding my Suske II: Split Personality quilt, finishing the top for Echt Hollands, when my Mom brings me some fabric from Holland, and I want to start on cutting my Amy Butler fabric....I am thinking the 'Flora' design from Valerie Wells Designs...This is the trendiest fabric, I've ever bought, I want to use it before it goes out of style :)


Christine said...

Love your cat and mouse! Quite mysterious. Heat 'n Bond works well if you do not wish to stitch down your pieces.

Malagueta said...

This is fantastic. The colors are perfectly eerie!