Friday, September 07, 2007

The fun never stops!

Why is it that everything positive is followed by a negative? Positive: I painted the store (part of it anyway). Negative: the air conditioner dies a fiery death!!!!

We hadn't even opened the store (just before 10AM), my employee, JW, and I were chatting when strange sounds and a burning smell were coming out of the A/C. It is a sleeve A/C that vents into the alley beside the store. JW cut the power to the A/C and I went to check it out in the alley. I could see flames inside the sleeve and I ran back yelling "It's on fire!!!" JW grabbed the extinguisher and I called 911. The fire was out before the Fire Department got there. The FD checked it all out to make sure it was OK and used a large and noisy vacuum-fan-thingy to air out the smoke and dust. They were all done and gone by 10:10 AM. Nothing was damaged, just covered in a fine dust from the extinguisher. Clean up took until noon.

Grateful for:
An extinguisher that worked!
JW, an excellent and capable employee!
Happy that this happened while we were there and not in the middle of the night. There are apartments above the store. I will have nightmares about what could have been!


atet said...

OMG! Thank goodness for quick thinking and that no one was hurt (and that your business wasn't as well). Hang in there!

jovaliquilts said...

How scarey! So glad you were there and acted so quickly. Thank goodness no one was hurt and the store had no more than a layer of dust. Really frightening to think about, I expect.

Quilt Pixie said...

Yet another things to be thankful for: summer is drawing to a close, so you don't need to hurry to replace it