Monday, October 29, 2007

I have been very busy, and haven't been able to post. First, a Halloween photo. Pirates jogging by my house came to say hello. They had just completed their 10k run through Springbank Park. Participants were encouraged to dress up! Father and son make a great team!

Finally Echt Hollands is done and back in my possession! I sent it out to Sue Chinn of Huntsville to be machine quilted. And what a wonderful job she's done!

A detail from the back with the label I made:

Thanks Sue!!

On Saturday, our guild had a room booked so we could work on UFO's. Here is a very flattering photo of myself basting my Robyn Pandolph piece:

We were in a church basement and it rained most of the day but every once in awhile sun would shine through that window. I liked the way it shone on my quilt.


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

marauding pirates - ooooh no! heh heh heh.

your quilt looks beautiful - so glad you have it back safe and sound.

Tracy said...

I love the Echt Hollands quilt, the colors in different fabrics give it a great texture! The quilting is beautiful!

I love your UFO too!

Rose Marie said...

Your quilt is great and the quilting is wonderful. I pass through Huntsville everytime I head north and it looks like a lovely town to stop in and do a bit of shopping.

YankeeQuilter said...

The Echt Holland quilt is wonderful. Pirates running through the park! scarry!

atet said...

Got to love those pirates roaming the neighborhoods!

Your quilt is just lovely and the Robyn Randolph is going to be beautiful as well!

sewnut said...

your 2 projects are beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed travelling along your progress with your blog entries