Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cottage Vacation

morning mist:

Hubby and I and our friends from Michigan spent a week up at our friends cottage on Oxtongue Lake. It was very relaxing, but the weather wasn't the greatest. We spent a lot of time reading with a few day trips into nearby towns. I made it out on the kayak a couple of times, though.

When the water was so still and there was a perfect reflection on the lake you almost felt like you were floating in the sky instead of the water!

That is not the cabin we stayed at though, this was an abandoned one next door. It's been empty for probably 20 years or so. It is so tragic. We checked it out and all the windows have been broken and the door was ripped off the hinges. Toilet is broken. There is still curtains hanging in the windows, gently wafting in the wind, and furniture strewn around; there is even food products and cleaning products still in the cupboards, the remnants of a fire, holes in the roof with puddles of water on the floor, old clothes hanging on hooks...we found an old Detroit Free Press from 1984 and a telephone book from 1979!...strangely beautiful and sad. I took video footage of the inside.

serene sunset:

As not to interupt the peacefulness of the cottage, I hand pieced 2 liberated stars:


Mary said...

The lake views are beautiful - hand piecing suits the serenity of scenery.

Carol E. said...

What a gorgeous place! Sounds like such a relaxing vacation. Your stars are beautiful. I wonder what the story is behind the abandoned cabin. Someone must be paying property taxes but never setting foot there. Sad!

belinda said...

I am so loving these stars!

Magpie Sue said...

Pictures of the cabin and the lake make me a little homesick... love the stars though!