Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sub zero temperatures!

Here are a few photos of our Thames River on Monday when it was minus 11 degrees Celcius. The sides of the river was frozen with chunks of ice floating rather quickly by. The Canada geese and ducks are huddling together at the forks of the river...haven't made it far enough south, I guess.

These 2 specks are merganzers swimming against the flow, I watched them as they kept diving under water...brrrrr! I have only seen the merganzers in the river in the winter.

The forecast today is a high of plus 6 degrees Celcius and rain! and then tomorrow it will dip down again to -3 and then back up over zero. It's going to be icy out there!
We had to make Christmas decorations to demo at our guild, and I chose these Cathedral Window ornaments to do...I had never made cathedral windows before...and now I am addicted!
I've decided this will be a fun way to showcase my dutch fabric collection! and so it begins...!

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Lazy Gal Tonya said...

oh no, I hope the duck and geese make it safely. guess what, Santa brought me some Dutch fabric! I mentioned you to Lucy and she said, I met her aunt when she visited the shop in Haarlem. Small world.