Saturday, January 03, 2009

And to think that it happened on Becher Street!

Photo by Derek Ruttan from Sun Media

The above photo was the front page photo of the London Free Press on December 24th. It is a stained glass made by Ted Gooden of a hill at the end of my street that we called Lawyer's Hill. We called it that because at the top of the hill there is an old apartment building with lawyers' offices on the main floor. In this piece you can see the footbridge I cross every day on my way to work. ( I wish I owned this piece but it is someone's private collection) My house on this street used to be a Montessori School, at which I taught for 5 years. One of my students was Ted's daughter. At lunch time, in the winter, we would take the children to the hill and they would slide down the hill in their snowpants; they didn't even need a toboggan. It was great fun for the kids! Ted is a renowned stained glass artist in London and still has a studio on an adjacent street.

Here is what Lawyer's Hill looked like this winter so far...from snowy to floody, to frozen but dry!


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

That is a gorgeous work of art. Sounds like a fun place for the kids to play.

Mike said...

Hey, I know that place! Wistful... I especially like the one with the snow.