Saturday, April 02, 2011

My Plate is Full!

I am working on this Tulip Quilt for my mom. The pattern by Lucy was featured in Quilt Mania #76 English version and Liberated String Quilts by Gwen Marston and is based on an antique quilt by Nancy Ray. I saw Lucy's version at BIQR 2009. My mom, despite her Dutchness, does not want orange sashing, we are thinking of yellow. very spring! I am not in a hurry with this one, I just like to keep it on hand to keep my hands busy while watching tv.
This is a sneak peek at Brightest Day, a Green Lantern themed quilt a present for a baby girl, by the time I finish this she'll have moved to a big kid's bed, that's ok, I suppose, since the quilt is taking on a life of its own, and is a lot bigger than originally envisioned.

After some encouragement, I have decided to finish my Test Pattern quilt that I made at my first BIQR retreat. In keeping with the testing part, I decided to test out my dad's quilt frame he built for me. I will be hand quilting this baby in a frame! I had to move my hubby's weights from the room-where-we-dump-things to set it up. I want to thank Gwen Marston, Joe Cunningham and True Blue Canadian for their written advice on how to set this up.

The view from below! I found some Kaffe Fassett fabric on sale at Lens Mill Store that is perfect for the back!

Those are just the quilty projects I am currently working on, not to mention a guild challenge, started, but probably won't finish.

Other obligations on my plate:

-CQA/ACC Quilt Ontario 2011 May 25-28 At work:

-Record Store Day April 16

-Free Comic Book Day May 7

-3 Magic Tournaments April 24, May 8, May 15

-Graphic Novel Group April 9, May 14

June is looking like peace and quiet! and maybe winter will be over by then!


ashlie said...

It all looks awesome, Carol!

The Cozy Quilter said...

I love your tulips! Very Dutch and very Springy!

Quilt Rat said...

I absolutely LOVE your Test Pattern piece, it is fabulous.
and did you say that your Dad built that frame for you? How terrific is that?
Now you just need to clone yourself......clone does all the work and you get to sit and contently quilt the days away...okay so I am also dreaming that winter will be over by June :-)

AuntieAllyn said...

Must echo Quilt Rat's sentiments . . . luv love LOVE the Test Pattern quilt!!

jovaliquilts said...

The test pattern quilt is awesome! Good luck quilting it. I like the tulips too -- there's something wonderful about a classic design made new.

MJinMichigan said...

I love how your Test Pattern quilt turned out and am glad to see I'm not the only one who takes more than a year to finish a quilt from BIQR.
The tulip quilt for your mom is coming along nicely.
I hope you enjoy the quilting frame your dad made for you. It's so much easier than using a hoop.

Rosalyn Manesse said...

What a super quilt, and so few people have a real quilt frame like yours