Sunday, January 01, 2012

Completed in 2011!

Another year has gone by! 2011 was the year of Quilt Ontario...and I did not get much time for blogging or even quilting, yet somehow I managed to finish the above projects. Sometimes I amaze even myself ;) Many of the above were gifts and so I could not blog about them during progress or ruin the surprise.

Projects to finish in 2012:

-my T-shirt quilt (sandwiched, just needs to be close! due date, before BIQR)

-my City Harbour quilt (cut and in the process of sewing together, no due date)

-gift: Pick up Sticks (blocks made, need to sew sashing, before Feb 20?)

-request: Hawaiian Shirts Quilt (a challenge of design! want to take my time but want to finish it by the summer)

There are more but those are priority.

And for those who requested it, here is Test Pattern all finished!

Happy New Year to all!


woolywoman said...

I really like the borders on this, as well as the center medallion. Really nice work.

Nines said...

Very cool. It's not about how much you accomplish. it's about how much you learned or grew or enjoyed while you accomplished what you accomplished. does that make sense? Great job, I'd say!

Clare said...

One of my all time fav's.

Happy New Year!