Sunday, April 08, 2012

Belated wedding present

It is finally completed, the mystery quilt! I always wanted to do a quilt based on the 1960's Prisoner TV show. It is a cult classic and the visual images in that show are so strong. I had the design made out on paper years ago, but didn't quite have the skills or motivation to do it. When our good friend Mike, a strong individualist, announced he was getting married, I thought this quilt would be perfect for him....I hoped his new wife would like it too! I named the quilt In the Village, which was where the character Number 6 was being held, and coincidentally was where Mike used to live, in Wortley Village.

I came across Barbara Barber's Foolproof Curves book which taught me an easy way of making circles.

This quilt is about queen size, and I knew I would not be able to machine quilt it myself. My friend Christine recommended Cathy Shepherd. She was super and was very obliging and got my quilt done in time for Easter. She quilted flowers in the centre of the circles and circular swirls over the rest of the quilt. Circles were a predominant theme in the TV show where a giant ball stands guard over the village.

Christine again saved me, at the last minute, by getting me this great fabric paper that you can print on. I created a label on my computer and then printed right onto this fabric sheet and sewed it to the back of the quilt. I created a QR code (thanks Quilt Rat) that will bring you to all my posts on my blog about this quilt. Cool, eh?

Fabrics: Robert Kaufman: Stockholm


kate said...

We really love our quilt! Beautiful, clever, and warming, what more could we want? :-)

pwl said...

Very cool quilt! Did you notice all those white balls coming down over the Olympic Village and spectators at the end of the olympics in Utah? I'm fairly certain I wasn't the *only* person to be reminded of The Prisoner. LOL