Friday, April 05, 2013

Homage to the square

My husband collects vinyl. Records, that is. We have been spend a lot of time at used record shops when we go on vacation. I like to check out fabric and quilt shops and he likes the used record stores. I have found a new way to enjoy my time in the record shop, checking out the album covers! Many of them are quite inspirational from a quilting perspetive! I have come across quite a few artists that I like and want to collect.

It started with Saul Bass:

 He designed everything in the 1960's, really. ok exaggeration! He was a graphic designer famous for such iconic logos as Kleenex, Quaker Oats, United Way,  and Dixie cups. He did title sequences and posters for movies such as North by Northwest, It's a Mad,Mad World, Man with the Golden Arm, and Anatomy of a Murder. I think he is one of the most copied designers ever.

This stuff makes me want to run to the sewing machine and make bright bold colourful quilts!

Then I discovered S. Neil Fujita, another designer, best known for the cover to the novel The Godfather.

I soon discovered jazz is where it is at for inspirational album covers!
Jim Flora:

(is it just me or do I see a future Laurel Burch here)

 Then I discovered Command Records and Josef Albers
see previous post, I already made that quilt!

does this not remind you of one of blogger's early templates?

broken nine-patches?!

I am now reading Josef Albers A Retrospective. It turns out he is known for Homage to the Square.

There is nothing more quilty than that!


Quilt Rat said...

Omg! Carol, each one of these is an inspiration.....I am thinking....12x12 ....maybe once a month challenge would have quite the collection before long.....I can see an entire wall filled with these translated into textiles.

jovaliquilts said...

These are great! I love seeing potential quilts in all kinds of places.

electricdunce said...

What fun, all my old record albums are out in the barn. Still haven't unpacked completely from the last move eleven years ago....It is definitely a good thing to explore