Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Liberated Quiltmaking in Practice

Happy New Year one and all!

It's been a very hectic Christmas season for those of us who work in retail, and I am glad the worst is over! Now I can get back to quilting and blogging in my spare time!

A few notes on posts: CA stands for Canada, not California....although sometimes I wish I was in California...the wooden cats came from a store called Sea Jewels, which specializes in carved wooden imports and such...Can someone tell me the etiquette for responding to people's questions in their posts?...oh and in case anybody noticed...my posting name is now comicbooklady, instead of Carol. It all started with beta blogger and having 2 blogs....don't ask...and I changed my photo :)

I haven't been completely out of it though. I managed to make a tea cozy, a Christmas present for a friend. As well as practicing the stuff I learned from Marston's Liberated Quiltmaking book. I have found out that Fridays for me are good liberated quilt making days. I am too tired to be precise or follow directions, but I still have the desire to quilt and create. I started to go through the book in order; here is my liberated strips:

I sewed some strips together from my stash (ironically my stash is filled with very neat, rotary cut strips, oh well), then I cut it into 3 pieces and then sewed the background fabric between them. I like the simplicity of this piece...It was after all my first attempt at liberated quiltmaking... I was thinking, I could hand quilt a leaf pattern onto it, to bring out the fall theme...or it would make a lovely tea cozy...:)

After I moved onto liberated log cabins, which I had a lot of fun with, more fun than strips I think. It was fun just to pull stuff out of my scrap bin and use up those bits, the colour and pattern is a bit more lively, that's probably what made it more fun.

I am enjoying liberated quiltmaking; it certainly is a great exercise in creativity, but I don't think I'll give up my rotary cutter quite yet. I am not that good at cutting with my scissors!:)

Next: liberated tea cozies...stay tuned!


joyce said...

I have done lots of liberated quilting and for sure keep the rotary cutter. I still use it for cutting the uneven strips for the liberated log cabin. Right now I am making "parts" from Gwen's book with Freddy Moran and the rotary cutter definitely gets used more than the scissors. I think there is no more fun way to quilt and you are right, it's so relaxing to not worry about precision.

Tonya R said...

Both very fun tops, or cozies. You are really getting the hang of this.

Like Joyce, I still use the rotary cutter for doing liberated work. I like the straight edge to piece with, but my strips aren't necessarily even.

Samantha said...

Your liberated strings is quite beautiful- I love the empty space that really shows off the colors!