Thursday, February 15, 2007

Split Personality

I hit a road block with my Echt Hollands quilt, I definitely need a darker blue ribbon. I haven't found any yet. So I was sitting in my sewing room with my measly stash....unlike others, I do not yet need to go on a fabric diet. I found some neat left over cat fabric and I was making little piles of matching fabrics, and I found I that some of the matching fabrics were from my Suske Quilt. So what could I do with this? Perusing APQ October 2005 I found this Block Party pattern by Jason Yenter that might do!

First you make these courthouse blocks, mine are one strip smaller than in the pattern, and I only made nine of them.

Then, you split them into four pieces and join them with a thin sashing. Above, I had already cut my blocks, when I realized I hadn't taken any photos yet, so you can see the cut lines. Below I show you how they are split and then rejoined. I hadn't finished the piecing yet.

I've decided to call this wallhanging Suske II: Split Personality. However I have hit another road block...I have the perfect fabric for the sashing, but I don't think I'll have enough. Will the store I got them at still have it.....? Will keep you posted.

Below is Suske's take on the whole thing!

I am also getting ready for our Robyn Pandolph's visit to our guild and her workshop. Here are the fabrics I bought for the workshop. Aren't they yummy?! Very feminine, not really my style, but I like this colour combo. Some are her fabrics and the others are some Robert Kaufman blends. Those are great! When I first saw them by themselves, I shrugged, but when you put them with the prints they are fabulous. You know why I like these fabrics, even though they are not really me? They remind me of spring and I am getting so sick of winter! There I said it! It had to be said. It was minus 18 degrees Celsius yesterday! We just got out of another snowstorm! egad!...although today was sunny...yes, the fabrics remind me of spring.


cher said...

looks like a fun project and obviously has "cat approval" LOL.

computerpeach said...

I like this - very nice. I have some FQs that I don't know what to do with, that may just have to have this done to them.

gwen said...

That looks like an easy pattern with a very nice overall effect.
The spring fabrics are lovely together and spring is not far (in fact it is already here in Europe it seems). 15° Celsius and the sun shining. I am sending you some of it!

YankeeQuilter said...

I love Robyn's fabrics! What a great chance to meet her...

Your cat fabrics are a lot of fun.


Vicky said...

Enjoy the workshop. I had a four-day workshop with Robyn four years ago, and it was fabulous. I learned a lot in there.