Friday, April 27, 2007

Comic books and Quilts

I only have time for a quick post and photo! I am so tired, such a busy week! I don't usually post about work, but here it is:

We've been getting ready for Free Comic Book Day, Saturday, May 5th. We've been cleaning, stamping books, sending out press releases, advertising,etc. ( I am going to be on our local cable station again! woohoo! The tv people came to the store to tape on Thursday) This is an annual event that happens at almost all comic book stores across North America. If you have any children, or nieces or nephews, you should find the nearest comic book store (the website has a comic shop locator service so you can find the one nearest you!) and take them out for a treat! At our store, we will be giving away over 1000 comic books that are specially made for this event, and there are a lot to choose from for all ages. I recommend you visit the Free Comic Book Day website to check it out. We think it is awesome! We have a lot of fun doing it! You can see photos of past events on our store blog using the flikr badge at the side.

Oh yeah, here's a quilty photo, I am making great progress on the robyn pandolph wallhanging! I tried a new thing, reverse applique, see the applique heart. The first half I did, really sucked, but I thought I would perservere through the second half and it looked great. But then I had to take apart the first half and redo it. I had to trim it a bit so that hole is a little bigger than the first, but it still looks decent.

Tomorrow: Stitch n Bitch! Sunday: Executive Meeting AM, Staff Meeting PM, Monday: CA Meeting PM,Tuesday: Orders due, Wednesday: New Comic day, Thursday: Guild Executive Meeting PM, Friday: FCBD set up at store PM, Sat: FreeComicBookDay!!!!! Sunday: a day of rest!!!!


Angie said...

I love your RP wallhanging! It is sooo cute! What pattern are you using for it?

YankeeQuilter said...

Sounds like an almost manic weekend...wait isn't that supposed to be on Mondays?! Hope it all went well. The block is looking beautiful.

gwen said...

The house looks beautiful. The colours very fresh. Good luck with the comic book day. A shame we don´t have something like this over here. My son would be delighted!. Take care.