Tuesday, June 05, 2007

More Quilt Festival

Here is another one of my favourites,"Elephant Walk" by Winnifred Masson. She won Best Large Quilt in the Ontario Juried Quilt Show 2007.

The elephants are made up of one inch squares!

And she stitched an elephant pattern in the 'paths' of the elephants!

I hope these quilters don't mind people taking photos of their incredible work. This way I can enjoy her quilt again and again. Seeing it once, especially when there are sooooo many quilts to see, is not enough. I have to tell you, I think the Waterloo Quilt Festival should make up a better program, with a list of all the participants and the names of the quilts. I am having a heck of a time finding all the names of the quilts and their makers. I found the name of this one through another blog from someone who was a participant. She had a link to the OJQS 2007 winners that is on the Waterloo Quilt Festival website, but I couldn't find it there when I looked.

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Carol E. said...

Wow, I love that elephant quilt, and the quilting is awesome. Next week I get to go to Minnesota Quilters show! Yippee!