Sunday, June 10, 2007

Winter Wheat in Summer

Yesterday, Christine and I took a drive to Winter Wheat in Sparta. I went last fall with my cousin (see October 29 post). Last fall they were getting ready for Christmas and they had many Christmas themed stuff, so it was nice to go in the summer and see more garden stuff! It is run by folk artist Lucy Ogletree and her husband Mike. The small farm consists of their storybook home and a rustic house that is the main shop, plus some quaint little buildings: 2 tea rooms and a shed for the goats, all resting in a grove of huge pine trees. Sprinkled throughout the grove are a few picnic tables and giant wooden, whimsical folk sculptures, see above: the tea lady and her flowers made of teacups and teapots and below: the angel with the Robert Frost poem on her wings.

I've finished the Robyn Pandolph applique!!! It still has to be quilted.

Here is the thank you postcard I made for our friends in Michigan. They are crazy about tropical fish. I remembered there was an advertising in a magazine for a simple tropical fish quilt. Of course, could I find that ad??!!No! Then I thought, maybe I could draw it from memory. When I started drawing it I remembered it was only 2 triangles who needs a pattern for that! Scissors and scraps, that's all one needs! Beads for eyes. So may I present my tiny liberated fish!

Here's the back:

There was no fusing in this postcard, just regular quilting stuff: patchwork, batting, and muslin. I didn't even trim off the batting, looks kind of like an aquarium, this way. Still don't trust the post office with this and it went wrapped with a gift.


YankeeQuilter said...

That angel is wonderful! I love statues and interesting pieces in the garden!

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

That looks like someplace I'd want to visit. I like the statues in the gardens as well.

Bats rock!