Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here is my February postcard for the guild exchange; I made a second one for my parents for taking care of the cats while I was away. Thanks Dad!

Hubby and I went to visit our friends in Michigan. We had a great time despite the deep freeze on Sunday! We took in the new and improved Detroit Institute for the Arts (DIA). Very nice! It's always nice to be inspired by great art.

I don't know why, but I really enjoyed this statue of Zephyr dancing with Flora! and this small bronze of The Freedman:

And this The Communicant...I thought she was going to step out of the painting!

I didn't take a lot of photos because you are not supposed to use a flash, and the lighting is quite subdued. There were so many more that I enjoyed... there was a Rembrandt I really liked and some Degas, Church, and more.

Here's our gang:


ROZ said...

Oh, I love to go to museums. Haven't had much chance to do so lately, though. I like your taste in art. And Happy Valentines to you.

Carol E. said...

Thanks for sharing the art. I really enjoyed a visit last year to the Jocelyn Art Museum in Omaha. Now I need to re-visit the one in my own back yard: Minneapolis Institute of Art. Haven't been there in ages.