Sunday, April 27, 2008

Round Robin

I added the vines at the sides and introduced some green leaves into the piece. Christine is upset with me because she hasn't started her round yet, but I don't have 4 kids, so I wasn't expecting hers to be free time is much more predictable than hers.

We went to a quilt show in St. Mary's. It was a nice outing and I picked up a few things I needed in order to finish off a few more UFO's. The weather has been fantastic, almost summer. Temperature has been in the low 20's Celcius, that's in the 70's Fahrenheit. We have hardly had any rain this spring so my early spring plants are struggling...although they have been threatening snow on wednesday! ha!...I'll bet we will have a wet May to make up for the warm dry April we have had.


Nines said...

I like the vines- and the new header!

Lynda said...

The Round Robin is looking lovely! They are so challenging, but really good for your brain _ I think! This is a really nice one.