Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

I just wanted to wish my mom a happy mother's day! My mom doesn't make quilts, but she did sew a lot of our clothes when we were kids. I can appreciate all the work that went into it now, but I don't think I appreciated it then, when I had to wear matching clothes with my brother who is 2 years younger than myself. In the collage below the first photo in top left corner...we look like twins, we even had the same haircut! (am I on the right or the left?) LOL!

I also wanted to share some line drawings my mom has made. She and a friend took an art course together and ever since then she has been making these wonderful drawings of houses and buildings. The first is of my house, the second of her father's home in Nigtevecht, Holland, and the third of a maple syrup farm in Ontario.


Carol E. said...

Great tribute to your mom! Are you on the right? (you're correct, it's hard to tell, even when I looked at the picture made big)My mom used to sew all my clothes, too. I love to do line drawings but am nowhere near the talent of your mom's. I wonder if a class would get me that far?? Very cool drawings!

sewnut said...

Wonderful talent, it runs through you both.