Sunday, November 02, 2008

But what have I done lately?

Now, that the saga of BIQR is over, it's time to get back to 'what have I done lately?' Our guild had their bi-annual quilt show Harvest of Quilts 2008. I submitted 10 pieces this year, 3 of which were part of the Guild Challenge display. I am the official photographer for the guild blog and have made one post, but I am still working on getting a slideshow up, you'll have to wait for that. This pic shows my Robyn Pandolph folk art wallhanging with 2 other interpretations. Isn't it great when 3 people take the same workshop and each comes up with such different interpretations!

(I've upgraded to picasa 3 and have been trying out some of the new features, one is a watermark...I lay claim to taking the photos not necessarily the content therein.) For instance this next photo is not of my quilt but of fellow guild member Jill, The Quilt Rat (she's just started her own blog and is on my blog roll, so check it out...her stuff is amazing and very unique!). This piece is called Earthbound.

Next, I forgot to tell you of my sister-in-law's visit from Calgary in September. We don't see her that often so it was nice to catch up and we took her out for dinner one night. She was in London only for a few days and had many other friends to catch up with too. BUT she did bring me a wonderful present, Anne is a quilter too and she brought me a bag full of her scraps!!! Her bag-full practically doubled my stash! And they were big pieces, too, and so many wonderful fabrics that I wouldn't already have, florals, jungle prints, some left overs from jelly rolls. (If you are reading this Anne, I know I owe you a postcard...I am working on it!)

I have been using some already...there were these nice polka dots, I think from a jelly roll, left over, and I thought it might make a nice bargello... I also used some of my left over solids to add to it. I thought it might make a nice doll quilt, but it is a little narrow, perhaps a topper for a dresser in a girl's room...

Next, remember my 9 Lives, inspired by this comic? Well, I felt like it needed some borders, and I was really stuck on what to do, but after Gwen's retreat, I was inspired by her Wedges and Slivers piece in her new book and wanted that colour pallette. I ended up using her strippy borders in those colours and of course some more left over solids. I look at those solid pieces as a blank canvas for hand quilting and can't wait to get these batted up!

My UFO list is growing, the following need to be batted up and quilted:
Andrew's Scrappy Bargello
Carol's Floor Scrap Quilt 1
Test Pattern
9 Lives
Pink Bargello
Liberated Strips
Tomasziewski wall hanging
Top Secret Quilt, still working on the piecing.


Kim West said...

Wow... I really like your 9 lives quilt... the border is great. I may have to try that on something I am stuck for a border on.

Quilt Rat said...

Hey THANKS! nice of you to include me in your blog.
"Nine Lives" looks fantastic. Can't wait to see it quilted & I'm willing to bet it will have an awesome label as well.

Magpie Sue said...

Oh, those borders on your 9 Lives quilt are PERFECT! They absolutely finish the quilt in just the right way. Good on you!

Glad to see your To Do list. Mine is getting the better of me... (notice how I'm blog surfing and not sewing?)

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

great to see the kitty quilt again - the borders are great. and woohoo for the secret project.

annieb said...

I am so glad that you are using the fabric, and you are so creative that you will find a use for everything. I have more scraps than I will ever use or ever have time to use...those new projects always take over Love the 9 Lives!

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Just caught up with your blog again...nice write up of the retreat :-). I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE your Robyn Pandolph wallhanging (I voted it as my favourite in that category!). I hope to finish mine one day, but have been too busy with other things.


electricdunce said...

What a treat to see more of your quilts. I did manage to hand quilt my two smallest ones from BIQR, but haven't accomplished anything since...Your friend's quilt is spectacular too...


Anonymous said...