Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am a Tree!

While on vacation, I was able to finish hand quilting my Art Quilt Workbook exercise. Essentially, you put some words in a hat and pull them and create something from those words. I asked my husband to choose the words, so I wouldn't have a clue what was coming....that is very challenging! The one thing I asked him was to put 5 song titles in there. The words I chose were "I am a Tree" (a song by Guided by Voices), Rhythm, and Wacky.

I started by sketching, every day, ideas that those words inspired. Early on, I sketched a happy tree with a face dancing in a field, later a musical staff represented rhythm and it became the fence in my landscape. The fabric I chose represented the wacky... a sky with tiny carrots, and the field of giant VanGogh-like sunflowers, plus a tree with a face, dancing..isn't that wacky enough?!

I fused the tree, and birds, apples and apple basket on. I machine stitched them all in place. The apples and birds were fussy cut from some left over Debbie Mumm fabric, just the right size and proportions! I actually sewed on 2 different fabrics for binding and didn't like them, so I faced the piece. The finished piece measures 9x9.5 inches.

I plan on making 12 of these and then making a 12 month calendar with the photos. It gives me an end goal.

Next words: "I am Mine" (a song by Pearl Jam..thanks Gord!), Whale, Monthly!.... Wish me luck!


annieb said...

I love it, and love the sunflowers! Gord must be your quilt muse...

GloJoeSews said...

OMG--I bought the workbook, too, with the idea that I'd work on one or two projects this summer and I've yet to crack it open! You're inspiring me!

Kim said...

So how is that garden coming along....any harvest yet?
Love to see some pictures of it now!

Happy sewing

Quilt Rat said...

You know I LOVE this piece, I think it is totally fabulous! Can't wait to see the next one in this "series"