Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quilter's Road Trip!

My friends Christine and Jill and I went for a drive to Cambridge and Kitchener on Sunday. We visited the McDougall Cottage, built in 1858 in downtown Cambridge, home to the Baird and McDougall families. Now it is a museum, tea house (sort of) and gallery. Each year it holds the Wee Quilt Challenge and displays the submissions on its walls. Jill had 2 pieces entered, which we had to see! This year's theme is Plaidvertising. Below Jill's piece is the top right one, called Plaids behind the Ads. For more about her entries you can read them on her blog here.

Next we visited Joseph Schneiderhaus in Kitchener. This house was built in 1816 by the Schneider family, Mennonites that travelled from Lancaster County, PA.

Part art gallery and part a re-enactment museum, we caught the volunteers, dressed in period costumes, taking part in their Sunday activities. The site houses a outdoor oven where they bake bread, a pump house to pump water, a vegetable garden grown from heritage seeds. One lady showed us her quilted petticoats which she had to sew herself.

The art gallery housed this year's Grand National Quilted Postcard Collection. Jill submitted 2 postcards and I submitted one. (that's me with my postcard :) 2nd from the right)

Jill's were chosen to be put into a postcard book! They blew hers up for display purposes, the actual one is dangling in front of it. It was kind of hard to take a photo of it swirling around.

This is just another one on display, it was so cute, I had to share....unfortunately I didn't catch the name of the person who did it, but isn't is just darling!

It was a fun day!
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sallyannequilter said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.