Monday, December 21, 2009

The Great Blue Heron by Ted Goodden

I don't usually like public art, most of the time it is too pretentious for me or absolutely head scratching, "huh? I don't get it!", but this one I like! The Tricar Group commissioned this piece for its new downtown apartment building. Every day I walk by it on my way to work.

It's called the Great Blue Heron by Ted Goodden, a stained glass artist that lives in my neighbourhood.


Quilt Rat said...

Isn't it awesome? Love the stained glass piece I am looking forward to seeing the way the patterns will fall during the different seasons.

Kim said...

I have to agree with you most public art is more like litter than something to enjoy but this piece is creative and I do like that a local artist was used too.

thanks for stopping by my blog and offer your positive comments.....I hope to finish piecing the top today!

I think we have common blocks on a quilt top by Tonya :0).

Also my Mom was from London, Ontario before she left to serve in WWII as an RN for the Royal Canadian Service......she now rest in Ottawa in the National Military Cemetery.

Have a blessed 2010 and Happy Sewing