Sunday, October 17, 2010

BIQR 2010: The Characters

First there are the 4 Carol's! (left to right) Carol from Rochester Hills, MI, Carol from Houghton Lake, MI. These are a couple of Gwen's people...veterans of retreats from the past. If Gwen is not available these ladies know what's going on. Then there is newbie, Carol from California and me simply known as Canadian Carol.

California Carol came with Martha to the retreat. Martha was liberating her 30's prints with polka dots.

We had quite a few newbies actually! Joni and Penny were from Kentucky. Joni is a natural at liberating quilting and the parts department. Her quilts were full of brilliant colours and designs.

Penny worked with solids...

Kathy's work was inspired by her cottage on an island in Maine. She came with these blocks already made, but looking for input. Each block is a pieced representation of each of the cottages that are on that island. She wants them to all hang individually not as one quilt.

One of the pieces she worked on at the retreat were liberated buoys based on those that the lobster fishermen use. Each fisherman's buoy is painted differently to identify them.

Cats were Sally's inspiration. She decided she was going to use up her cat fabric.

There is a little bit of Canadian Carol in this quilt! I donated the Emily the Strange cat eyes tag!

Sara from Grand Rapids also has a quilting blog and you can check it out here. She and I are both participants in Tonya's Liberated Amish Quilt Challenge. She brought her Triangles project, adding "Amish Lib." and "MMX Sara" to finish it up.

Another one of her projects is this cut up crumb piece, gorgeous in its boldness! There was apparently quite the discussion about what colour borders to put on it! But Red won out! Striking!

Watch out though! Sara can sew you under the table, she is quite the industrious lady, starting early in the morning!

When in doubt make a sampler! Liberated quiltmaking is so limitless that is often hard to know where to start. So trying a little bit of everything and putting it all together is fun! Bev made this gem:

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Tonya Ricucci said...

wow! what a fun group. hard to choose, but I think I like the buoys the best. and the medallion. and are those Maine houses all liberated pieced??

Clare said...

I love Sara's liberated Amish and Sally's stars. The medallion is perfection.

Kathy said...

About the Maine cottages - YES they are all scissor cut and 100% free pieced. Close ups will show skewed windows, stairs, posts, etc.