Sunday, June 09, 2013

What is black and white and sleeps on quilts?


With Gwen's final Beaver Island Quilt Retreat coming up, I thought I should finish up a few projects I started at the retreats. I found my t-shirt quilt, all sandwiched and basted, ready to be quilted. I never got around to quilting it as I just didn't know how to quilt it. For 3 years it was in the just to finish it, I went with some simple "organic line quilting". All of wednesday I spent machine quilting, took a break, came back and there is Conan all curled up snoozin'! so cute! working on the binding hoping to finish it tonight!

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Millie said...

Wait! You have one of those too! Mine goes by the name of Millie and does the EXACT same thing! LOL!