Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Challenge!

I was still thinking about this question when I went to bed last night (see previous post). And I came up with a quilt for Wolverine... I imagine it to be a scrappy patchwork made up of flannels, plaids, even some corduroy, in browns. Definitely well worn, even has holes from where his claws have gone through it!

Which brings me to the challenge...Quilt Pixie even beat me to it with her comment to my last post!...Apply the quilting question to characters from any of your favourite books, tv shows or movies! What kind of quilt would Starbuck make from Battlestar Gallactica? and so on. It's a fun exercise in imagination, applying your knowledge of quilts to other scenarios! Try it!


Quilt Pixie said...

Nun's must make the pope, on his election, a cathedral window quilt...

Robinson Cruso's quilt must be so faded, torn and worn to be shreds now, but I think it was likely "storm at sea" :-)

Cinderella, from her childhood days, must have a very raggy crumb block quilt, though I'm sure the mice made her a wonderful satin & silk quilt as a wedding gift

And how about an unfinished orphan block quilt, with a red and white stripped border already cut, for the Cat in the Hat since he couldn't keep his attention anywhere long enough to finish it! :-)

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Wolverine's quilt would definitely need a lot of patches - a continuing effort. Starbuck quilting? Can't imagine that at all. Maybe the President What's-Her-Name.Definitely a fun idea to play with.

Laurie Ann said...

Well, DH wasn't able to find me any of those grinch figures you pointed out for me. Dang!! I checked in a shop in WY, but no luck there either. Guess I'll need to find it somewhere on line. I must have one!! I like the one with the Grinch tying the antlers on Max.