Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Santa Collection

Tonya asked me to post some photos of my Santa collection. I started out collecting old fashioned Santas before moving on to pop culture Santas. I liked old fashioned Santas so much I made my first tree skirt with appliqued Santas. This was made before I was really into quilting. Then it took me a year to cross stitch 4 santas and make them into a quilted wall hanging. Then I made a cross stitch santa bell pull, which bled red when I washed it. I now put Jack as Santa as my tree topper (it rests in a coffin box). I also started a post card collection and I keep any Santa cards in a Santa tin. I hang up the 2 hats to indicate that Mr and Ms. Claus live here. I'm not really into collectors plates but I have Alex Ross' Superman carrying Lois Lane with Christmas hat and Batman as a Christmas present with the Joker and Harley Quinn.

I've always collected Simpsons stuff, but I particularly like the Christmas stuff. I've got a Homer and Bart as Santas string of lights as well as Homer heads. I also try when I can, to pick up the Carlton Cards' Simpsons decorations, but I really wish people would give them to me for Christmas instead. I have Homer stepping on the cat with sound effects (heh,heh), Homer squeezing into the chimney and Homer and the kids on a sleigh. Most of these decorations end up on my store Christmas tree. Again I use Jack as a tree topper, this version is the Gold Millenium Jack placing the star on top. And this year we have a life size Jack in pajamas to put with our store tree. Other decorations include Homer as a nutcracker, and I have 2 Coca Cola Santa piggy banks and for awhile I was collecting icicle Santa decorations.

Whew! that really is quite tacky! It doesn't look as bad in real life.

On the quilty side of things, I made up some gift bags with Tonya's free-pieced letters and I think they look marvelous!


Vicki W said...

I love seeing other people's Christmas decoratins! Your Santa collection is awesome!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Not not not tacky. I LOVE your Santas. Homer nutcracker tucked in with the others? fabulous. simpson reindeer with the big bulgy eyes? Alfred E Newman!!! I don't do the collector plate thing either, but boy do I understand your getting these. Incredible. Fabulous, thank you for the photos.

julieQ said...

Love those decorations, the Santas are perfect. I am so glad to se you pictures!


atet said...

Love your Jacks -- and the santas are pretty cool too :0). Those letters are looking very cute!