Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Finding Inspiration from David Mack

I'm a little David Mack obsessed this past week. I just enjoyed my latest copy of David Mack's Reflections, #9. Mack is a comic artist that works in what I call a form of collage art or I guess mixed media. It's a combination of sketches, paintings, photos, and found objects. He currently works on a comic called Kabuki. I have not actually read Kabuki yet. It's a slow process, and it does not come out frequently. I know him more from all the cover art he's done for comic books. I love his covers! Reflections is a regular publication of his sketches, and his thoughts on the art process. Lately, I've been very interested in other people's sketchbooks; how somebody gets to the final product and this is not a disappointment.

Below is my favourite piece in this issue. He shows the steps to this final page, he writes "I used a deep dark green for the hair paint because the composition was giving me the sense of a tree. So I went with it & continued with earthy tones & let the hair branch out as it seemed to have a very elemental earth goddess effect."

Before I even read the description I was thinking "Mother Earth". I love how it is all strong at the top and so vulnerable below, especially the fact she is nude and covering herself in that way. I am so mesmerized by this piece.

Below, I pass this on to my quilting friends, it is Artistic License. I hope you can read it from this photo. It says "This ID certifies that_______is an activist in the Global (and internal) WAR OF ART.....copyright free. Duplicate and pass on to fertile minds."

I have now ordered my copies of Kabuki: Circle of Blood, The Alchemy of Art DVD, and The Shy Creatures, a children's book by David Mack (at first glance, influenced by Dr Suess).

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Lazy Gal Tonya said...

fascinating. you'll have to tell us how you like the books and dvd.I love to see artists at work and learn about why they made their choices.