Sunday, January 20, 2008

Round Robin part 2: From Christine

This is the block Christine gave me! Isn't it lovely! I love the boldness and the colours! I need a name for it though, I can't keep calling it From Christine! or can I?

But what to add to it. This was a lot harder than I thought! First I pulled some matching colours from my stash, I have lots of the red and blue, but what to do about the brown. Should I add another colour? What type of add on do I make? I started perusing my old mags looking for centre applique pieces. A lot of them had flying geese borders, which I like, but I just did that on my Echt Hollands; I wanted to do something else. Some turn it on point and add giant triangles to form a square in a square, which if I used the red and blues I had, it would really darken it up; or turn it into a star, which I also did in my Echt Hollands, so, no...something else. Then I decided to consult my Collaborative Quilting book by Marston and Moran! Lots of ideas! yes!

I settled on Four Patch on Point, gives a similar effect at flying geese but a little different. It all started well enough, but I tell you, no matter how hard I tried, I got a wonky strip, and of course some of my corners a little cut off. However, I like the overall effect and I will live with my mistakes.


Quilt Pixie said...

love the border you added. It frames it really well, adding a few new colours, without making the whole thing "heavy" or "unplanned" looking :-)

In terms of the name I like "from Christmas" its unclear if its the fabric, the idea, the colours, or what exactly you're pulling forward from Christmas.... it works.

atet said...

I think your border really adds to the block. Love those on point four patches!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

wonderful solution - the whole thing is marvelous.