Sunday, January 13, 2008

Round Robin: To Christine

This year for Christmas, Christine and I decided we would exchange applique blocks as gifts and start a round robin. We would add to each block and pass it back to each other, eventually ending up with a finished top; mine would be with the original block she made me and hers, with the one I made for her. This post is about the block I made for her, next post will be about the one she gave me and what I add to it.

Christine has a westie named Daisy. I knew I wanted to make her a block with a westie and a daisy on it. Here are a few of my sketches:

Christine has a Scottish background, so I was thinking of putting in some plaid somewhere, but I just didn't have the colours to work it out. (I ended up making a plaid westie for her Christmas Card, see previous post instead.) I played with baskets, westies, daisies, and wind vanes...

Until I came up with this, viney, tentacle thing:

Finished product! I used left over fabric from my Robyn Pandolph project, plus the red was from a fat quarter I won at a guild meeting, the green pot was fabric that Christine gave me for my birthday.

I am really pleased how this turned out. I call it The Daisy Block, but sometimes refer to it, affectionately, as Daisy on a Stick!

I kept wondering how this block would look repeated in a four block applique, so in Picasa I made this collage for fun:

Neat, eh? If you don't have EQ5 or whatever, this is the lazy man's design tool. I've tried this 4 block applique a couple of different ways, the hearts in the middle was the best.


julieQ said...

Cool! Love it!


atet said...

That block is great. And I love your name for it (the second one) -- Daisy on a Stick indeed!

Carol E. said...

That's a fantastic block you made for your friend! What a fun exchange that will be!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Wow, you did such a great job. I'm so proud of you for designing it yourself - woohoo!!! love your colrs as well- bright and crisp.