Sunday, March 09, 2008

Recovering from storm part 2

Aha! I figured out a way to get around my blogger photo uploading problems. I am blogging straight from Picasa. I don't usually do it this way. Picasa doesn't have as much editing how do I make this paragraph flush to the left instead of centering...? Also it doesn't want to allow me to choose different photos from different files...maybe there is a way around this, I don't know yet,

Anyway here are some of the pics. Yesterday the storm, this is a cardinal trying to feed in my parents' backyard:

My house around noon:

My house and hubby today around 2PM, a big difference!

Where to put all that snow!? Backyard is not big enough!

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atet said...

Ok, that is just way too much snow! UGH. I think I'm ready for winter to be over with already! Love that David Mack tote bag though -- very fun!