Sunday, March 23, 2008

Walk to the Park

What a cold, gray day in March. Hubby and I took a walk around downtown and through Harris Park. I took my camera, but as you can see it was all grays, whites and browns. Here's hubby under the sycamore tree. I like these trees, they have neat bark, it peels off easily. There are not very many in London that I know about.

Here is some more neat bark. These trees by the river must be so very old, they are huge!

This log had no bark! It must have washed up on the shore when the river flooded and then stayed behind when the river dropped again. It was so white almost as if it had been painted!

And here is the view with the old and spent black eyed susans peeking out of the snow. The silvery brush is russian sage, I believe.

They redid the banks of the river 2 years ago with perennials, and last year it looked quite marvelous! Here is a photo from last August to remind us what colour looks like! It's almost the same view, just a little closer to the bridge.

another view in the opposite direction...sigh, green vegetation, bright sunny flowers...soon, soon...

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Carol E. said...

What gorgeous pictures! I esp love the last one.