Saturday, June 28, 2008


I found this on Joe the Quilter's blog, I think you might enjoy. It is the unveiling of Margaret Fabrizio's 26th quilt called Superquilt. She decided she would video log (vlog) the process of making her quilt and made 32 vlogs which she turned into a dvd of the whole process! Here's a link to the first one and a link to the index of the rest.


Finn said...

Thanks for sharing that link to Margarets unveiling. I linked over and watches several parts of her process. As an old hand quilter, it was wonderful to see her elderly hands 'making the stitches'. A real treat for me! So few of us hand quilt anymore.
I linked to your blog from Ton's, and have seen your work from the classes she has taught, really neat stuff! Keep up the great work! and thanks again. Hugs, Finn

belinda said...

I've been scrolling down thru your older posts and found this post about margaret f.....I LOVE HER....i discovered her while googleing "hand quilting".....i just love her bohemian-ess and would love to be at one of her quilt unveiling events!!!

you have a great blog!! lucky dog getting to go to a retreat with gwen marston!!!